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Humanity was at it’s best and it’s worst at the end of the 21st century. We had conquered disease, built elevators to space, and created almost limitless energy. Yet, we had also destroyed most of earth ecosystems, raped the planet of it’s resources, and fallen into global wars over food and water shortages. Massive corporations ran most nations behind the scenes, and the gap between the rich and poor had never been larger. It didn’t take much to push us over that edge, and when we did, our greatest technologies suddenly became the weapons of war that led to our downfall.

Nanotechnology had long been thought to be the savior of humanity. The AI’s speak of how it extended the human lifespan into the hundreds of years, cured nearly all ailments and allowed us to construct massive structures that towered to the edge of space. It also allowed us to develop nanomaterials that led to the first generation of long haul commercial space vessels. Humanity was at the height of it’s technology, but for hundreds of years the culture of the planet led humanity to feel safe on their small rock, secure in their place. The technology existed, but beyond mining operations and research stations, humanity did not spread beyond the surface of Earth.

We slowly sucked the planet dry of it’s resources. Our extended lifespans meant massive overpopulation despite many countries enforced child limits. Food shortages and water pollution evolved into wars. Raw materials needed to construct the technology our society was built upon became less and less common, eventually requiring nearly all of it to be supplied from the asteroid mining colonies.

Soon countries began to fall in favor of megacorporation blocks. The massive cities towered into the sky and backed by the corporations that controlled the space mining operations, guaranteed their inhabitants the best standard of living on the planet. Huge swathes of the planet became uninhabitable, polluted by our vanity and belief that this was a world we controlled and could do with it as we pleased.

Yet, as the world became worse and worse, many corporations realized that the space outside their city walls could be revitalized and sold for an exuberant amount of profit. They began using nanotechnology to repair the damages humanity wrought upon the world. Each corporation developed their own ideas for what the world should look like, designing and expanding these new ecosystems with the touch of a button. For corporations, the world was their playground, and humanity was their audience. These designs became more and more radical as time progressed, attempting to ooh and ahh buyers into vacationing in these exotic locales.

Read More - The Beginning

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