Project Perkin

Project Perkin, a plan to turn a hollowed out moon into a livable environment capable of supporting human life. Initially designed as a way for the rich to escape the wars and ecological collapse of Earth, it was re-adapted to become a life boat for humanity when Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede, collided with the planet below.

As Earth’s desire for raw materials rose, fueled by our need to spread the latest technology across the globe, we began to mine the moon for it’s rare minerals. Over the centuries we had mined huge quantities of the moon’s minerals for use back on earth. Huge caverns and tunnels ran throughout it’s interior before George L Calavan brought his plan for Perkin to the ACP – The Alliance of Corporate Progress. In his mind, he envisioned a world free from the calamities befalling Earth, a world that could be crafted to be pristine and with an underlying ecosystem cultivated to handle and recycle all of what humanity might produce on it. A world built within the hollowed confines of the moon.

At it’s core, Project Perkin involved hollowing out a cylinder 400 miles in diameter and 1,600 miles long in the moon. This created an internal surface area of 2,010,619 square miles (roughly a quarter the size of the United States). Slices were then to be cut along the surface to allow light to enter the cylinder equally and a thin membrane spread over the openings that would lighten and darken to create day/night conditions.

This was no small undertaking and would involve the cooperation of the entire ACP, however after calculating the rate of return on the material removed from the moon and the rates at which they could charge for colonists and land within the cylinder, the ACP gave the go ahead. It was an extremely controversial choice, however, among the ACP, they owned 86% of the stock in the moon and thus had controlling rights to do with it as they pleased.

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Project Perkin

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