Basic Nanite Concepts

Nanites were the key to the rapid construction of Project Perkin and it’s environment. In uncountable numbers they hollowed out this massive space within the moon and created a habitable environment for humanity. They are still their, self replicating and powered by the solar energy that comes through the openings in the O’neill sphere like structure.

They no longer work to develop the ecosystem, however they do maintain the structure (and ecosystem on a minor scale if needed), making sure that the structure is sound with no leaking of atmosphere.

  • AI’s came up with the ships and were installed and tapped into their power systems to try and protect the people who have settled here. Maybe they have some control over the nanites, but very limited to areas around the ships (since their power supplies are here).
  • Some AI’s have become corrupted, or perhaps achieved sentience and afraid of dying, thus carving out areas of their control. Or maybe even just attempting to perform tasks in different ways (some see survival by control, others by group decisions, some people equalism in everything like communism, etc). Most AIs though are just treated as tools and societies rules by humans and what not.
  • Perhaps corporations sponsored many of the ships.
  • We regress in technology because we dont have the resources to reproduce our tech.
  • We keep the knowledge of a lot of concepts, but we’ve lost the ability to control it or harness it to its fullest potential.
  • A lot of humans have different views on how things should be handled on the moon creating a bunch of different factions.
  • Maybe many ships, manned and unmanned crashed across the moon. All sorts of loot and what not up there to find.

Nanite Control

Several generations after arriving on Project Perkin, a trend has begun to show up. Some people are beginning to be able to manipulate the nanites in the air around them to accomplish what is considered almost mystical feats. With most people now unaware exactly how nanites work or that they are even still in the air, it is often looked upon as magic.

  • Perhaps everyone can be taught to channel nanites, but some are born with the ability to naturally.
  • Maybe a certain amount of nanites or control of them allows you to access magic items.
  • Perhaps using some tech drains you or some chance at them backfiring or a random effect.
  • Maybe everyone uses nanites, but only mages can control them externally to manipulate things around you.


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