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Project Perkin – The Brightest Night

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Humanity had reached a zenith upon Earth, an era of unbelievable technology, but also unbelievable poverty. Our belief in our immortality upon this small rock of a planet led us to miss the important fact that we, as a race, are but a small speck among the universe. The universe does not make way for us, and when chance finally catches up, humanity is unprepared for the perils it faces.

Project Perkin opens up a world where anything is possibly, a world in which humanity hastily created to escape Earth’s destruction. Yet it is also a world that was hastily created, and problems along the way have created an environment that forces humanity to still fight for it’s survival to this very day.

The History of the World

The Beginning

Humanity was at it’s best and it’s worst at the end of the 21st century. We had conquered disease, built elevators to space, and created almost limitless energy. Yet, we had also destroyed most of earth’s ecosystems, raped the planet of it’s resources, and fallen into global wars over food and water shortages. Massive corporations ran most nations behind the scenes, and the gap between the rich and poor had never been larger. It didn’t take much to push us over that edge, and when we did, our greatest technologies suddenly became the weapons of war that led to our downfall.

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The Fall

In 2198, a large asteroid collided with Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede, knocking it from orbit. Scientists quickly determined that it’s projected path would intersect perfectly with the earth in less than three years time. A world wide panic ensued. Many corporations proclaimed that they had the technology to divert the oncoming moon, however, repeated attempts over the next year continually failed. Another set of corporations, known as the ACP – The Alliance of Corporate Progress, though had been working in the meantime on an alternate plan. It was known as Project Perkin.

Work on Perkin progressed quickly, but as the corporations began to squabble and fight over their vision of what this second earth was to be, things began to collapse. Before long, the ACP was under attack by other corporations wanting to have their own say or to control a portion of Perkin. Soon a world war broke out on a scale never before seen on our planet. All the while, Ganymede streamed closer.

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The Fight For Survival

Records show that Earth had roughly 15 billion people at the time of it’s destruction. Calculations predict that roughly 12 million made it onto arks or private vessels to escape it’s destruction. Pure guesswork would estimate that only 6 million ever made it to Perkin, and now that that the alliances have been established, census’ are showing less that 2 million survived the initial year upon our new home and ushered forth a new generation.

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