Current State of Perkin

Records show that Earth had roughly 15 billion people at the time of it’s destruction. Calculations predict that roughly 12 million made it onto arks or private vessels to escape it’s destruction. Pure guesswork would estimate that only 6 million ever made it to Perkin, and now that that the alliances have been established, census’ are showing less that 2 million survived the initial year upon our new home and ushered forth a new generation.

For a world built using the height of human technology, it would amaze it’s creators how much technology has been forgotten. Arriving upon the unfinished Project Perkin, the human refugees found a world that instead of being designed for their comfort, was actually a world gone wrong. Dangerous creations and fauna was found throughout the world, very few buildings or shelter had been created, and agriculture was almost nil. Humanity had to fight to survive among this new world.

Because of this, much of the technology that was brought with them was re-purposed into other uses. Sides of ships became walls for buildings, generators for computers were used for agricultural pumping, and electrical wiring was stripped to be used in place of rope. Some core technology remained, in particular, many of the AI’s were kept intact and maintained to be used as teachers. These AI’s were instrumental in the survival of humanity as they helped coach the refugees on traditional survival techniques and the basics of building, agriculture, taming of animals, and other activities that very few of them had ever any need to learn on Earth.

Now that several hundreds years have passed and multiple generations born on Perkin, humanity has begun to forget much of the technology that brought them here. Why do they need to worry about nuclear power, when they must work the fields to simply feed themselves.

This has lead to a mixed technology culture. Much of the world uses early industrial revolution era technology in their daily lives, however, the social centers that were often built around machinery directly taken from the spaceships that were left upon the outer surface of the moon, and have significantly more advanced technology in them like modern lighting. Yet, very few understand and are able to reproduce this technology anymore.

The fight for humanity’s survival had certainly not ended on earth, but at least now it was a threat that could be faced.


The moon has a drastically different set of minerals and materials than earth did and much of the metals were mined to build Project Perkin in the first place. As of such, metal itself is extremely valuable commodity, mostly being scavenged from the wrecks of the many spaceships that made their way here. Most buildings are built out of wood or stone like bricks made out of a mixture of ingredients found within the environment.

Current State of Perkin

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