Project Perkin - The Brightest Night

It Begins
A quick look and introduction to Project Perkin

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Humanity had reached a zenith upon Earth, an era of unbelievable technology, but also unbelievable poverty. Our belief in our immortality upon this small rock of a planet led us to miss the important fact that we, as a race, are but a small speck among the universe. The universe does not make way for us, and when chance finally catches up, humanity is unprepared for the perils it faces.


Project Perkin is a two part project. The first phase is to create world and setting that narrators and players want to explore. A world that drives excitement and adventure. The second phase is the development of a system to run within it, a system that takes advantage of the setting and allows to players to fully explore and implement the goals they have of playing in our world. That being said, the world will largely remain separate from the system and be playable by all who are interested, no matter which system they use.

Player Built Campaign Intro
Building the base up

Welcome to the Brightest Night, the first playtest for the Project Perkin setting. This particular campaign will be based upon the Tephra; the Steampunk RPG core mechanics with significant house rules.

A core goal of this campaign is to encourage players to come up with content on the fly during the campaign and to work on developing a method of collaborative story telling. This will hopefully allow us to build content as we play and to get players more involved in the story line with their characters.

Please look over the wiki and familiarize yourself with the background for this setting, but keep in mind that this is a future where humanity has fallen, we live aboard a reminder of what we once were capable of creating, yet unable to understand it or reproduce the technology that built it.

Campaign Intro

The city-state nation of Rivin is not one of the oldest nations upon Perkin, nor the largest, but it is known for offering and protecting it’s citizens rights to freedom. Recently though, scavengers have been skirting its northern borders and the Empire of Rebirth has been building up their military along the southern border. Rivin is looking for options and their troops are stretched thin, thus private organizations have been stepping up and helping secure/police the cities and towns.

You have been approached to handle a problem in the city of Rivin, children along the southern edge of the city have been disapearing and it is suspected that single person has been collecting them to sell into slavery. The man suspected is insert name and he has been blamed for this in the past, but the children was never found, nor any proof that it was him. Your goal is to retrieve the children, however if you find proof of his involvement, bring him to justice as you see fit.

Character Creation

Characters should be built and have a reason for being in the nation of Rivin. While it is preferable for all characters to have a reason to be together or some connection to each other in the past, it isn’t necessary. Please build your characters using Tephra; the Steampunk RPG rules, however, remember our current setting when building your character. I will try to type up the house rules when I get a chance, but I know major changes will be made to armor in particular.

Please send your character concepts to me when you get a chance.


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