Project Perkin - The Brightest Night

It Begins

A quick look and introduction to Project Perkin

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Humanity had reached a zenith upon Earth, an era of unbelievable technology, but also unbelievable poverty. Our belief in our immortality upon this small rock of a planet led us to miss the important fact that we, as a race, are but a small speck among the universe. The universe does not make way for us, and when chance finally catches up, humanity is unprepared for the perils it faces.


Project Perkin is a two part project. The first phase is to create world and setting that narrators and players want to explore. A world that drives excitement and adventure. The second phase is the development of a system to run within it, a system that takes advantage of the setting and allows to players to fully explore and implement the goals they have of playing in our world. That being said, the world will largely remain separate from the system and be playable by all who are interested, no matter which system they use.


AlexWhisenhunt AlexWhisenhunt

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