Project Perkin – The Brightest Night

The stories tell of a time when we lived upon the broken husk of a planet below us, it’s shattered remnants still loosely held together by their combined mass. For over two hundred years it has been lifeless, destroyed in the cataclysm wrought by Jupiter’s rogue moon. Occasionally people claim you can see a brief flicker of light on the surface, but this largely the claims of those nostalgic for our past. The truth is simple, the seat of human civilization for thousands of years is no more. We must now move forth in this new, hastily created world, and strive to build something new.

Humanity grasps onto life and fights for all it is worth, but while we survived one apocalypse, the trials we face upon this new world were beyond our expectations. Our ancestors didn’t come here as explorers or settlers, they came here as refugees, businessmen and blue collar workers. They came as people wholly unprepared for what awaited them on their ‘salvation.’ It is now our turn, as natives to this world, to strike out and make it our own.

Check out the Wiki for more information on the world or the adventure log to follow along with the campaign as my players strive to understand and explore this new world.

This campaign is still under production, so over the next week or two, the wiki, characters, and maps will slowly be filled out. Project Perkin is also currently being used a Place Holder Name and will likely be changed in the near future. Stay Tuned!


Project Perkin is a two part project. The first phase is to create world and setting that narrators and players want to explore. A world that drives excitement and adventure. The second phase is the development of a system to run within it, a system that takes advantage of the setting and allows to players to fully explore and implement the goals they have of playing in our world. That being said, the world will largely remain separate from the system and be playable by all who are interested, no matter which system they use.

Project Perkin - The Brightest Night

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